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Roads Authorities & Utilities Committee (Scotland)

The Roads Authorities and Utilities Committee (Scotland) [RAUC(S)] provides, at a national level, co-ordination and an overview of activities carried out on roads under the 'Road Works' element of the New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) as amended by the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005.


RAUC(S) comprises representatives from Roads Authorities including Transport Scotland as RA for Trunk Roads and from Utilities together with representatives from Scottish Government . The Scottish Road Works Commissioner (SRWC) has a standing invitation to attend.


The RAUC(S) website contains meeting papers & minutes and exists to aid communication with the Scottish Road Works Community.


RAUC(S) Advice Notes and other formal Guidance Documents are available under the 'Legislation & Guidance' tab of the SRWC's main site. RAUC(S) What's New issues are available under the 'What's New' tab of the main site.


Documents to be posted on behalf of any group should be emailed to the RAUC(S) Secretary accompanied by a Posting Form. RAUC(S) intention is that all documents are 'open'. 


The Community Diary provides meeting and event dates and assists diary management. Secretaries of sub-groups and working groups are strongly encouraged to submit dates for posting in the Diary to the RAUC(S) Secretary.


Contacts for all members of RAUC(S) and its sub-groups are held under the 'Contacts' tab.


The Terms of Reference and Constitutions of RAUC(S) and its sub-groups together with the relative locations of these bodies within the NRSWA Community Structure are found under the 'Community Structure' tab.


Any enquires or comments regarding the RAUC(S) website should be made to the RAUC(S) Secretary.