Gazetteer Standards and Conventions

The Scottish Gazetteer Conventions presents conventions for Scottish property and street gazetteers.

The Scottish Data Transfer Format (SDTF) details a specification for data transfer which is used by the One Scotland Gazetteer and the Scottish Road Works Register.

Copies of these documents can be obtained from the Knowledge Hub. To access the documents you will be required to:

- Register for the Knowledge Hub

- Find the group One Scotland Gazetteer Custodians

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Date Title Link
January 2020 Scottish Gazetteer Conventions V4
January 2020 Scottish Data Transfer Format V4


Further Guidance on Local Street Gazetteers can be found here:

Date Title Link
April 2006 (amended March 2013)  Local Street Gazetteers in Scotland - Summary Guide to Requirements for National Partnership projects Local Street Gazetteer Requirements National Partnership Projects
N/A Scottish Road Works Register Associated Data - Guidance Notes

Now incorporated with the Scottish Gazetteer Conventions above.

N/A Gazetteer Conventions for Street Polygons Now incorporated with the Scottish Gazetteer Conventions above.